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Spice chicken fillet


Chicken fillet: as needed (I consider 3 per person)
Garlic powder: in the desired amount (it is better to be a little too much)
Onion powder: as desired
Chicken and fish seasoning: as desired
Red pepper: as desired
Dried saffron: as needed
Mango powder (a kind of spice that can be prepared from perfumers) if desired
Cardamom powder: as desired
Ginger powder (I did not use this time): in small amounts
Thyme: In small quantities
Curry spice (I did not use this time): in small quantities
Salt: In small amounts
Liquid oil for frying: Enough (I take a little too much and use it again for cooking and use the Famila corn oil brand)
Butter (at the end): Some

Preparation method:

1- Wash the fillets and let the juice drain completely.

2- Then, with a meat grinder or steak grinder (I have a meat grinder), gently press on the fillets to flatten them, but we do not want to lose their texture. So we do not crush it.

3- Then sprinkle the desired spices on one side of all the fillets. Then we turn it over and sprinkle it on the other side.

4- Pour our liquid oil into the pan and let it heat up a lot.

5- Put the fillets in the pan. The heat of the oven should be a little high at first to catch the fillet. Then reduce the heat to cook the fillet. (If desired, we can put a newspaper on the pan). Finally, increase the heat a little again to make the fillet more colorful.

6- At the end of cooking and before serving, put a few pieces of butter on each fillet to melt the fillet and make the fillet more palatable.
7- Then remove from the heat and, if desired, place on kitchen paper towels (wide roll napkins) to drain the oil.

8- We can serve without bread, with bread, with keteh or dempakhtak.

9- I served with tomatoes, fresh basil, pickles and olives with pepper kernels. The method of adding a few drops of fresh lemon juice is delicious.

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