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Omelette in bread with basil salad

Ingredients for making Omelette:
Eggs: two
Tomatoes: A medium number
Oil: (The more oil the pan is greased and the tomatoes are fried, the omelette will spoil, as shown).
Curry seasoning, garlic powder, salt, red pepper, pepper (paprika), black pepper: from each teaspoon tip
Salt: Some
Bread: One
Ingredients for salad:
Onion: A small onion or half a medium onion
Parsley or basil: some
Tomatoes: half a number
Sumac and black pepper: as needed
Olive oil: as needed
Do not add salt to salads as it drips water.
To prepare a salad:
1- Shortly before preparing the Omelette, prepare the salad.
2- Cut the onion into long pieces and cut it into half rings and separate its layers.
3- Finely chop the tomatoes with the skin.
4- Chop the washed basil or parsley. Do not crush too much so as not to spill water.
5- Then add sumac and black pepper to the ingredients and mix and set aside.
6- Do not add salt to the salad because it makes it soft and watery.

To prepare Omelette:
1- Beat the eggs with a small fork to remove them from the clot and add salt to it. The Omelette will get its salt from the egg. Salt also helps the egg to swell less. Put the ink aside.
2- We chop the tomatoes finely with the skin, I try to separate the eggs so that they do not spill too much water.
3- Next, pour a little oil in the bottom of the pan, add spices to it and fry. When the oil is hot, pour the tomatoes in the middle of the pan, the diameter of a saucer, and let it fry. Finally, you can shake it once or twice, but stir it a lot, it will melt, and the heat will be a little high so that it does not melt.
4- Tomatoes that have been drained and dipped in oil, reduce the heat relatively gently and pour the beaten egg into the pan as shown in the picture. We try not to go to the edges of the pan.
5- Then we immediately put the bread on the Omelette and by gently touching the bread with our hands, we cause the eggs to stick to the bread and spread everywhere under the pan, the egg that has taken itself and baked with the help of a round plate or in a pan, we return the egg  egg will appear and the bread will be placed in the lower layer)
6- In the middle part of the omelette diameter, according to the picture, we put the salad and bite the omelette. I simply roulette and fixed the bread with a clean tooth on both sides.

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