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Lentil salad


Raw lentils: One and a half cups of rice cooker (same as one and a half cups of French, I mean cups, not French cups)
Canned corn: Two-thirds canned (I use frozen Thai bulk corn)
Sour cucumber: 250 g (I used one and one bulk brand of vinegar flavor)
Canned peas (smoky taste): a can
Walnut kernels: some (I used 5)
Dill: a few stems
Liquid oil for boiling lentils: one tablespoon (I use Famila corn oil)
Liquid oil or olive oil for salads: a tablespoon (because olive oil smells a little, I prepare with liquid oil)
Mayonnaise: Two tablespoons of Sarpar (I use Mark Mehram)
Stirred yogurt: a tablespoon (I use low-fat yogurt)
Salt and black pepper: as needed
Lemon juice to dilute the sauce: a tablespoon

Preparation method:

1- Clean the lentils, wash them with cold water, pour them into a bowl and let them soak for a few hours.

2- Then drain the lentils and pour them into a pot and boil them with a spoonful of liquid oil and a little salt. The oven temperature should be medium. Lentils should be cooked until the kernels are cooked but not crushed. After cooking, pour into a strainer and wash thoroughly with cold water. This cools the lentils and does not crush them while stirring, giving them a brown color and odor. Then we put a container under the drain and put it in the refrigerator to catch itself and return the excess water.

3- Then we wash and chop the pickles.

4- Separate the corn from the juice.

5- Separate the peas from the juice. I also get a blue one. Let the water go.

6- We chop the walnuts.

7- Wash and chop the dill.

8- Pour all the ingredients (boiled lentils, chopped pickles, corn, peas, chopped walnuts and dill) into a bowl, add a tablespoon of liquid oil or olive oil to the ingredients and mix gently with a spoon.

9- Pour the sauce consisting of mayonnaise, yogurt, lemon juice, salt, black pepper into a bowl and mix thoroughly.

10- Add the sauce to the ingredients and stir gently. Then we put it in the refrigerator to catch itself.

11- Finally, pour in a serving dish and serve. (I decorated it with three “olives with almond kernels”)

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