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Honey Banana Ice Cream

Bananas (preferably ripe): Two and a half
Honey or other sweetener: a tablespoon of red wine
Cinnamon (optional): Half a teaspoon
Walnuts as a procedure if desired: one
Preparation method:
1- Peel a banana and slice it and freeze it in a sealed container or zipper in the freezer for at least an hour and a half.
2- Next, separate the banana rings and put them in a food processor or blender. Leave for about three to five minutes until the ice of the bananas softens a little, then turn on the machine and mix the bananas, sometimes moving the bananas and pressing down from the food processor until smooth. The material will gradually begin to lubricate.
3- When the bananas are smooth and soft, add honey and cinnamon and continue stirring.
4- Pour the prepared ingredients into the intended container (my container is a 15 x 11 rectangle with a height of 4 cm and a volume of 400 ml), put walnuts on it and freeze again. After three hours, our ice cream is ready to serve.

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