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Curd and eggplant

Ingredients: Depending on the number of people, you can increase or decrease the ingredients.

Eggplant: 4 large
Onions: one large or two medium
Garlic: as desired
Saffron: as much as you want
Curd: as needed
Chicken extract tablets: half a tablet
Salt: As desired
Oil: for fry

Preparation method:
Wash and peel the eggplants, cut them and put them in a bowl containing dilute salt water to remove the bitterness, then remove the salt water, then wash and let the juice drain and we can even dry it with a napkin, then in hot oil and heat. Fry both sides on top. In this method, oil is consumed, but it gives us the most delicious type of fried eggplant.
Now, chop the onion finely, leave it for a while until the juice evaporates a little, then fry it in oil until it is completely light , does not fry too much and does not smell pungent. Onions should not be too raw and should not come under the teeth.
Then add crushed or grated garlic to the onion and let it cook a little until it smells good.
Now, mash the fried eggplants a little with a meat grinder or a fork, then add them to the onion and garlic and fry them together on a low heat until they are eaten.
Then add the saffron solution and a little dry saffron to the above ingredients and mix
At the bottom of the cup, add a little hot water to the eggplants and add half a tablet of crushed chicken extract to the ingredients and mix.
At this stage, add the curd to the ingredients and mix well.
Curd and eggplant can be decorated with walnuts, pistachio slices, almond slices, hot onions, mint, rosemary, plain or saffron curd, eggplant slices and anything else you like.

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