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Chickpea salad with mustard sauce and dill

Salad Ingredients:
Boiled peas: a can of canned food)
Cucumber: two pieces
Tomatoes: A medium number
Feta cheese / Breakfast cheese (optional): I used half a slice of fresh mozzarella
Ingredients for preparing the sauce:

Chopped dill, preferably fresh: some (I had little fresh dill, I poured the rest of the dried dill)
Mustard sauce: a tablespoon of mustard jam (the higher the mustard sauce, the higher the concentration of the sauce)
Olive oil: two tablespoons
Honey: One teaspoon per head
Fresh lemon juice: one
Salt: Some
Black pepper: as desired
How to prepare a salad:
1- Drain the canned chickpeas and then wash them thoroughly, letting the excess water go. You do not need to wash it if you have boiled it yourself.
2- Chop the cucumber, preferably with the skin, lengthwise, and chop it.
3- Cut the cherry tomatoes into four slices.
4- Cut the cheese into cubes.
5- We mix the ingredients together.
To prepare salad dressing:
6- Mix fresh lemon juice, chopped dill, honey, mustard sauce, salt, black pepper, olive oil and add to salad and serve.

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