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Baked potatoes in a frying pan

Potatoes: 5 relatively small
Olive oil or liquid oil: three tablespoons
Hot water: less than half a cup
Salt, black pepper, paprika, thyme, curry, fresh rosemary: as desired
Butter (optional): One slice of one tablespoon of jam
Fresh garlic (optional): a few cloves

Preparation method:
1- Peel the potatoes and wash them thoroughly.
2- Next, chop the potatoes to the size of a large sugar cube.
3- Pour the potatoes into a bowl and add liquid oil and spices to it and mix well so that the potatoes are impregnated with spices everywhere and the amount of spices is not low, so that the potatoes taste good. To hang.
4- Then we put the potatoes in the frying pan and pour some hot water in the corner of the pan. Do not pour water on the potatoes as the oil and spices will be washed away.
5- Turn the heat to medium high and put it in the pan. The temperature should be a little high at first so that the water boils and the water in the potatoes evaporates and the potatoes are steamed first.
6- After the potatoes are half-cooked and drained, turn the heat down to medium. Because we want the oil in the dish to cause the potatoes to be baked.
7- Do not open the pan too much so that water vapor does not come out of the container. Sometimes we shake the pan in a rocking way so that the potatoes shake and fall into the oil.
8- At the end, open the pan, crush the garlic and add the butter and turn the potatoes upside down with a spoon. Do not spoon the potatoes too much so as not to spoil the shape. Roast the garlic a little and make the potato butter fragrant.
9- When the butter has melted and the potatoes have been thoroughly baked and absorbed the oil, we check the cooked kernels with a clean toothpick or the tip of a fork and pour them into a serving dish.

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