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Apple pilaf with dumplings

ingredients :
Rice: Two and a half cups of rice cooker
Relatively large potatoes: one
Dried dill: some
Pilaf spices (optional): some
Salt: About one to two teaspoons
Saffron solution (optional): as desired
Butter oil or liquid oil: as needed

Ingredients for  meatballs
Minced meat (mixture of mutton and beef): 250 g
Onion: A medium to large number
Baking powder: two tablespoons empty head
Turmeric, salt, thyme and coconut powder: as desired (about half to one teaspoon)
Cold water (if needed): a tablespoon
How to prepare meatballs:

1- Pour the meat into a bowl

2- Grate the onion with a large grated eye, then squeeze the juice with a little hand.

3- Next, add onion, salt, turmeric, thyme and coconut powder to the meat and knead it with a good hand. For better kneading, we can add a tablespoon of cold water to it.

4- Then we put the ingredients in the refrigerator for about half an hour with the lid closed or the cellophane stretched to rest.

5- After the refrigerator, take it out and knead it very little, and with a wet hand, take a piece smaller than a walnut and knead it in your hand and roll it.

6- For better quality and to make sure that the meatballs will not go away at all, we can put it in the refrigerator again for half an hour to catch itself.

7- Then fry with some hot oil. In this method, because the meatballs are not cooked, we have to shine them more than normal with medium heat downwards until they are completely cooked. You can also make some sauce for the meatballs, which I do not think is necessary, because they are tasty enough.

How to prepare pilaf:

3- Next, separate the salt water from the rice and pour the soaked rice into a pot containing boiling water to which we added a little salt. One or two minutes later, add the potatoes.

4- Drain the rice a little more vividly than normal, the surface of the potatoes is slightly softened but they are not cooked.

5- Then pour the same amount of boiling water into the bottom of the pot, then pour a third of the rice into the bottom of the pot with a spatula, then pour the saffron solution rice, not the dill or spices until the rice is well , Add spinach and a little dry dill. I poured the rice in three layers, be sure to use a spatula to pour the rice into the pot so that the rice does not pile on top of each other, the amount of rice and potatoes is the same and does not fall apart.

6- You can also put some butter on the rice, then spread the rice on the flame and brew it with a saucepan. This brewing should be long so that the potatoes are cooked. In the middle of the work (which steamed the rice) we can also add oil to the rice. Because this pilaf, due to having potatoes, takes more salt and oil than a simple pilaf

Make sure that the temperature is a little high at the time of brewing, so that the rice evaporates faster, then we lower the temperature so that it brews a little.

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