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Gheyme Nisar

Meat Ingredients:
Paste: a tablespoon of jam
Saffron solution: as desired
Rose: a tablespoon
Cinnamon: A teaspoon
Cardamom: One-half teaspoon
Salt: As desired
Ingredients / nuts:
Almond slices: two tablespoons
Pistachio slices: two tablespoons
Sliced Portugal: One and a half orange peel (about three tablespoons full head)
Barberry: One tablespoon
Sugar: one tablespoon
Cardamom: as desired (a full teaspoon)
Rose: a tablespoon
Butter: One piece
Ingredients for pilaf:
Rice: Two and a half cups of rice cooker
Saffron solution: as desired
Butter: Several piece
How to prepare meat ingredients:
1- I always cook the meat together, then I put the meat and some juice in the freezer bag and freeze it and use it for food. In this way, I garnish a large onion, then fry it with a little oil, until it becomes soft, I add the washed minced meat, the heat should be high so that the meat does not get too much water, when it is fried and changes color, and He absorbed the water that he had thrown away, and the onions became honey. I added the necessary amount of hot water (hot water that has dropped a little from the heat) and cooked it with a pressure cooker.
Depending on the amount of meat and the temperature of the oven and the type of pre-cooker, 25 minutes to an hour is enough for cooking. I do not add salt, turmeric, pepper or paste to the meat, because during freezing, the quality of the meat decreases and the same onion is enough to smell the meat, because we will taste it later in the stew.
I also use hot water for this reason, because the meat is heated during roasting and the addition of cold water causes shock to the meat and it cooks later. You use the same method no matter how you cook your meat.
How to prepare nuts:
3- Soak the slices of Portugal with ordinary water for about ten minutes and change the juice, and then boil it three times on the stove with boiling water until the bitterness goes away. The Portuguese will fade, but later saffron will color it.
4- Soak sliced ​​almonds in rose water for at least half an hour. Set aside until the slice is tasty and soft.
5 – A few minutes before serving in a pan, fry the sliced ​​orange peel (must be bitter), sliced ​​pistachio, barberry, sugar, cardamom, a tablespoon of rose, butter, and saffron solution for about a minute at a relatively high heat to Melt butter and sugar and absorb the ingredients of nuts, butter, saffron and rose. Please be on top of the pan so that it does not burn. Finally, add sliced ​​soaked almonds and mix. The whole process of roasting the ingredients takes a maximum of two minutes. Do not overcook so that the material is not crushed. Because almonds are soaked in rose water, it is soft and does not need to be cooked. If you add sliced ​​almonds to the nuts at the beginning, they will turn golden and look like orange slices, so it is better to add them at the end to keep their white color. It is also better not to add cinnamon to nuts, because the color of nuts is very dark.
How to prepare rice:
6- Drain the rice a little more than normal, white. Then we add a little oil on it, then we put a few pieces of butter on the rice (butter makes the rice more palatable). Then let it brew with a gentle heat and finally turn off the heat, let the rice rest for at least twenty minutes. Do not serve when the brunch is hot as it will be crushed and fall out of shape.
7- While serving, take two scoops of rice and first add the saffron solution and mix until it becomes saffron rice, then add a spoonful of liquid oil to make it shiny.
8- Next, we put white rice in a dish. We cut saffron rice on the top and around the rice.
9- Next, pour the nut ingredients around the edge of the dish, on the saffron rice, and place the meats on the white and saffron rice and serve. We can serve a little meat sauce in a separate cup with the food, but I do not think it is necessary, because it will soak the rice for no reason.

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